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Maria Sonne-Frederiksen is a member of the German Architects’ Union (BDA), a member of the Architectural Chamber of Lower Saxony as well as a member of the Moscow Architects’ Union, Professor of International Academy of Architecture, Moscow. She is an architect, with extensive international experience in designing public facilities and hotel complexes.

  • Architect in the Moscow Planning Institute for Trade and Hospitality Buildings
  • Projects and realization 1978-1988

Hotels in Syktyvkar, Ulyanovsk
Motel in Suzdal
Hotel projects in Makhachkala, Irkutsk and Sochi.
Retail and service center in Ulyanovsk.

  • 1988-1991 Director of the International Academy of Architecture in Moscow and head of the Moscow design studio at INTERPROJECT, IAA
  • Projects 1988-1991

Hotel in Adler (in cooperation with Georgi Stoilov)
Hotel in Zaporozhye (in cooperation with Georgi Stoilov)
Sports and health village in Krasnaya Polyana (in cooperation with Georgi Stoilov, Bulgaria)

  • Conceptual project for the reconstruction of Bukhara (in cooperation with Pierre Vago, France)
  • 1991-1993 Architectural Office of Erik Asmussen in Järna, Sweden

School project in Leksand, Sweden
School project in Kiel, Germany

  • 1994-2007 Architectural office Sonne-Frederiksen, Hanover, Germany
  • Projects and realization:

School in Düsseldorf (in cooperation with Erik Asmussen and Niels Sonne-Frederiksen)
School in Hanover (in cooperation with Niels Sonne-Frederiksen)
Kindergarten in Düsseldorf (in cooperation with Niels Sonne-Frederiksen)
Theatre building in the school complex in Düsseldorf (in cooperation with Niels Sonne-Frederiksen)
Kindergarten in Leksand (in cooperation with Niels Sonne-Frederiksen)
Hotel in the multifunctional shopping complex in Hanover (in cooperation with Imre Makovecz and Niels Sonne-Frederiksen)
-Conceptual Project of Bavarian park in Moscow (in cooperation with Professor Valentin, Munich)
-Organization and coordination of international competition for the planning of satellite city in Makhachkala, Dagestan. Participants: Kisho Kurokawa, Renzo Piano, Albert Speer, Manfred Nicolletti

  • Since 2007 Development director of hotel projects in CIS countries at PCG Planungs-Consulting Gesellschaft im Bauwesen, Hanover (Germany)
  • Director and coordinator of the interior design at the following projcts:

 “Holiday Inn” of 580 rooms in St. Petersburg
“Staybridge” of 175 rooms in St. Petersburg
“public areas of the hotel CY Marriott” Griboyedova in St. Petersburg
“CY Marriott”, Paveletskaya
“Park inn” of 200 rooms in Lipetsk, Russia
“Holiday Inn” of 190 rooms in Kyiv, Ukraine
“Crowne Plaza” of 220 rooms in Kiev, Ukraine
“Hilton Garden Inn” of 180 rooms in the city of Omsk, Russia
“public areas Business Center Vivaldi Plaza” in Moscow
“Sheraton, Scheremetjevo” in Moscow
“Sheraton” in Aktobe, Kazakhstan
“Holiday Inn” in Vinogradovo, Moscow

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